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"Armitage Bird Auction is a friendly place to be on a Friday night and i would like to recommend that if you are able to get there then go come down and take a look at what they have to offer."


"Armitage Bird Auction has got many things on offer to cater for everyone interest if you are into budgies canary’s cockatiels finches gold-finches then come down and have a look."

"Armitage Bird Auction has got running a seed stall cash prize draw and also sells new cages and toys."


"The club is a very friendly place to go to many things offered in the club to cater for everyone if you fancy wish to find out what the club can offer you then why not pop down to find out."

The auction is held every Friday night from 6:30pm. The auction is licensees to run at the club



I feel your auction is getting better as the weeks go on, there is a very friendly welcome for everyone who attends, this is also mirrored by your bar staff.
One of the things I like is the venue which is very light and shows the birds to their best advantage.

Cheers, Dave, Mike & Paul